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"Immediately after the course I had the opportunity to teach in Madrid, Spain for 18 months."
Adam Wensor, 2009 REW CELTA Graduate

"I work in Bangkok as a Language Advisor for the Thai & Cambodian Armed Forces."
Jonathon Powell, 2009 REW CELTA Graduate

"The CELTA course at REW was great preparation for my new position as an EAP Tutor at Xi'an Jiatong Liverpool University in Suzhou, People's Republic of China."
Jacqueline Banki, 2010 REW CELTA Graduate

"Having the CELTA qualification provides access to the worldwide ESL network."
REW CELTA Graduate

"I'm working overseas now as a teacher in China and am in the process of becoming and IELTS speaking examiner."
REW CELTA Graduate "

CELTA is the means to work and travel as an ESL teacher whilst gaining international experience, cultural awareness and a global outlook on education. Graduates of RMIT English Worldwide’s CELTA course are now working as far afield as Thailand, Brazil, Japan, East Timor, France and China.

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Grammar Fundamentals

"Doing the Grammar Fundamentals course prior to doing the CELTA training was a necessary leap into the most challenging part of being an ESL teacher"

Current ESL teacher, graduate of REW’s Grammar Fundamentals and CELTA courses

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