South China Normal University teacher

"All of the teachers are very hard working and responsible. The methods they used in their teaching are very impressive and thought-provoking."

Teacher sponsored by Ministry of Education, Thailand

"My greatest skill improvement is speaking. I can have better conversation and academic discussions. The trainers provided us time to express our thoughts during discussion. Also, my listening skill has improved because I have to listen and follow instructions in real situations. Thank you for working so hard for our group."

Xiamen University teacher, China

"The course was well designed and organised and my teacher was kind."

Xiamen University teacher, China

"I enjoyed... the teaching methods, the active class atmosphere, the computer centre."

Teacher sponsored by Ministry of Education, Thailand

"I came to Melbourne to study with the trainers but I got benefits from a lot of things around me. Four weeks of practical knowledge have made me energetic and I actively want to improve myself when I go back to Thailand."

Hui Zhou University teacher, China

"I like the sessions focusing on the way of teaching and methodology, especially the learner-centred part and using workstations in classroom. These theories inspired ideas about my lessons."

Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade lecturer, China

"The program sessions on teaching methodology were very instructive and helpful to me. Through this training I have a clear idea about emphasizing the development of learners' study skills, independence and critical thinking, which will help them be successful in their future study."

EAN University teacher, Colombia

"As I didn't take any pedagogical course before I started teaching, I learned "on the way". In this course I learned many useful tools to apply in my classes."

Xiamen University administrator, China

"The materials are useful for our daily work, especially for dealing with meetings and customers."

Xiamen University teacher, China

"It's the best way to improve English language studying."

EAN University administrator, Colombia

"Our trainers were very responsible and funny, and very interested in delivering meaningful and appropriate classes to our needs."

Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade teacher, China

"Class observation and teaching practice are very helpful and useful for our teaching tasks ahead."

Secondary school teacher, Thailand

"I learned about teaching theories in Thailand but this program makes concrete what I have learned, with clearer ideas about how to conduct the class and how to adapt it for my students in Thailand."

EAN University teacher, Colombia

"For me was great to take a "professional" course in English, because it was difficult for me to understand many aspects about pedagogical theories and methodologies."

EAN University manager, Colombia

"It has been an unforgettable experience."

EAN University lecturer, Colombia

"I refreshed my teaching approaches."

EAN University teacher, Colombia

"Just encourage people to keep on coming to Australia, the programme was adapted to us and was well structured."

Teacher sponsored by Ministry of Education, Thailand

"The trainers are helpful and have a lot of experience in teaching. I got a lot of activities for my students. I can share my experience with my friends from another school."

Teacher sponsored by Ministry of Education, Thailand

"REW has the most marvellous trainers. I felt that they were always well prepared in teaching and full of experience. In fact, normally I am so quiet, but I am happy to talk with my trainers."

EAN University teacher, Colombia

"It was so good to reflect upon what I have been doing during all my professional career with colleagues from other fields"

Daejeon Muncipal high school teacher, South Korea

"The entire syllabus was very useful. All of the teachers were well-prepared. That is very impressive."

Vice Dean of English, South China Normal University

"What I have learned in Australia will benefit me all my life."

Secondary school teacher, Thailand

"I have gained new knowledge about how to use teaching approaches in class. I enjoyed watching the trainers demonstrate and model each approach. The activities for each methodology clarifed how to use it in class. The activities are practical and we can integrate them into class."