RMIT English Worldwide offers a professional program to help English teachers improve their language skills and learn the latest principles and techniques.

Our Teachers of English programs combine theory and practical workshops, including lesson planning and teaching practice, and provide a flexible training solution with delivery in Australia and abroad. Programs include:

  • Customised training: With a flexible range of topics to choose from, each course is individually designed to meet the specific needs of the teacher's education environment.
  • Australia or worldwide delivery: Programs are delivered in the country of your choice, here in Australia or overseas.
  • Master Trainers Program: This unique and innovative program accredits 'RMIT English Worldwide Master Trainers' to deliver our high quality courses within their organisation, giving you total control over your professional development plan.
  • Expert English educators: All courses are delivered by our team of dedicated trainers with extensive experience delivering teacher training programs and customising courses to meet the specific needs of each group.
  • Student support services: All students, at home or abroad, benefit from a professional range of course materials and online tools, as well as everyday accommodation and transport assistance for students travelling to stay in Australia.

Teachers of English programs may cover:

  • Teacher / learner roles
  • Lesson planning and resources
  • Language methodology
  • Skills workshops
  • Teaching pronunciation
  • Monitoring and assessment