Program Partners gain recognition as an English language centre of excellence by delivering RMIT English Worldwide language courses which are internationally renowned for their quality and innovation.

Our courses cater to a variety of academic, professional and business needs and are carefully designed to ensure our Partners are equipped to achieve successful outcomes for their students.

RMIT English Worldwide also encourages and assists Program Partners to use local resources and adapt their courses to suit the unique conditions and requirements of their environment.

Program Partners have access to:

  • High quality course materials for teachers and students, including online delivery options.
  • A complete set of assessment tools, including tools for student placement, ongoing assessment throughout the course and end of course assessment.
  • RMIT English Worldwide certification for each successful student.
  • Product training delivered on site by expert trainers introducing Partner teachers to RMIT English Worldwide course curriculum and administrative tasks.
  • Ongoing academic services and support from RMIT English Worldwide, giving teachers access to an extensive array of teaching strategies, plans, CDs, activity suggestions and syllabus guides.
  • Quality assurance tools to ensure Partners deliver courses to high standards required by RMIT English Worldwide, including comprehensive Program Delivery Manual and annual Program Quality Review.
  • Marketing and promotion tools to assist Partners to promote their business and courses within their country, including permission to use RMIT English Worldwide logo.

Further Information

For more information about becoming an RMIT English Worldwide Program Partner contact:

Grant Taylor
Commercial Director
Phone: +613 9657 5804
Email: grant.taylor@rmit.edu.au