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Tao Jiang (Roy), China

"I am currently studying a double Masters at RMIT University and have been living in Melbourne since 2009, when I commenced studying at REW. I did a lot of research on the internet before selecting where to study. The main reason I chose Melbourne was that the program I wanted was offered at RMIT and they have a great reputation, this led on to my selection of REW. It is a prestigious and professional language centre and offers a suitable time schedule. The location of RMIT and REW is far superior to other universities."

"I recently took an IELTS test but still need to improve my overall score for permanent residency so am looking into an IELTS preparation course at REW. I like that I can do a course suited to the skills I need to improve (i.e. reading and writing)."

"The TV broadcasts and breaking news were great materials for developing listening and writing skills. I used the ILC for at least 2 hours every day, it was well set up and I liked that you could get feedback and assistance first hand by the ILC Coordinator.

"My advice to other students is to take advantage of the Australian teaching system. I was a reserved person but was forced to adapt to a more democratic system of learning. I was encouraged to share my opinion and to interact and build relationships with students in my class. University involves a lot of team work and communication; and participating in class allowed me to broaden my thinking."

Ms Min Jia (Cherry) Zhang, Shanghai, China

"I left my Administration job in Shanghai and moved to Melbourne to be reunited with my fiancé. My goal was to improve my English, leading to better career prospects and to expand my cultural horizons. It is not good for people to live in one city. I wanted to learn about overseas culture – it's quite interesting."

At REW, Cherry had classmates from Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Chile and Iran. "I met a lot of new friends and learnt a lot that I couldn't learn in my country. Even though I was homesick in the beginning it soon passed. Originally I was too scared to start conversations with locals but when I came to Melbourne the people were very friendly, helpful and patient."

Cao Rong, China

"The EAP course not only helped me to learn academic knowledge, but also to develop my independent learning skills. The centre has good facilities and highly qualified teaching staff and students come from all over the world for study here. I have really enjoyed studying at REW."

Ung Hee Yoon, South Korea

"I am from Busan, South Korea and after completing my first year of an engineering degree at Dong-Ah University, followed by two years of military service, I decided to come to Melbourne on a working holiday visa. This gave me the opportunity to study English and work part time, a popular choice for many young Koreans." Ung Hee chose REW because a friend of his parents recommended the language school as the programs are well structured and have a strong academic focus. "I am really satisfied with this study program because when I came to Australia I didn't know any English. I've also met many international friends, from Vietnam, Thailand, Italy, China and Brazil."

"Australia is very big, much bigger than South Korea. There are so many places to visit. During my time at REW I have travelled to the Great Ocean Road for the weekend, visited Phillip Island, Puffing Billy, the Dandenong Mountains, Albert Park Lake and St Kilda Beach. "

Wu Mon Xi, Taiwan

"I was so lucky to study English at RMIT English Worldwide before starting my formal courses at RMIT University, developing English skills from the professional teachers and learning new cultures from my classmates from different countries. REW provides a good environment for language study and I'm glad I chose this language centre."

Miharu Tanaka, Japan

"I had so much more fun at REW than I expected. The staff are very friendly and took time to listen and socialise with us outside the classroom. I met so many good friends from all over the world. I will always remember my time at REW."

Pilanta Kumpoopong, Thailand

"Studying at REW greatly improved my academic English before I starting a Master of Arts in Communications at RMIT University. I learnt how to write an academic essay, how to think critically and how to give a good oral presentation. REW has a great environment for study, quality teachers and good Student Services team. I also met several new friends from many different countries."